Discom reiusses 37°C’s 1979 album Sidarta

37°C ‎– Sidarta

Belgrade based Discom unearths another hidden gem from the former Yugoslavia.  The fantastic 37°C was experimental/ jazz fusion band from Belgrade composed of Boban Petrovic’s backing band. They recorded the Sidarta LP at Gooseberry Studio in London in 1979, at the same time and studio Gary Numan was recording his “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” album. It was also the first band ever of singer Dragana Šarić, later known as Bebi Dol. The standout track on the album is opener “Sidarta”, an 18 mintue long ride that flirts between ambient and psychedelic, and which the label describe as “the cliché how kraut rock and progressive bands perceived electronic music during the 70’s.”   On”Trag”, and “Izmoreni Putnik” the group expand their musical horizons and effortlessly venture into jazz rock territory. This album is an absolute killer blend of prog rock, jazz, electronic music and more. A strong contender for our top ten reissue albums of 2017.


Sidarta LP is out now on Discom – buy from here.

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