Album Of The Week: The Mystic Jungle Tribe – Plenilunio


The Mystic Jungle Tribe

The prolific analogue-loving, Italian trio The Mystic Jungle Tribe are back with their third full-length of 2017.The release follows on from two live performance albums on Going Good and Ruvido Records.

The band creates facsinating hybrid styles from sounding something like a Fourth World take on Prince’s Black Album or Sade’s Promise; squashed funk, layered sax, battered drum machines.

The Mystic Jungle Tribe

Plenilunio is a resume of The Mystic Jungle Tribe’s influences, past and present musical journeys. This record is a statement more than a selection of tracks; it tells where Mystic Jungle and his Tribe are coming from and where they’re heading with their compositions, whether it is oriental flavored jazz-funk or no wave acid disco and all.

The new album is as much for the dancefloor as it is for relaxing home listening. Tracks like the jazz-funk workout “Mass Mirage” and intergalactic disco thump of “Wind Phenomena” are sure to get you moving. While “Sun Flares Ascension” and the title track completely change the atmosphere basking in Balearic bliss.

From start to finish there isn’t a dull moment to be found anywhere. Killer stuff as ever from the Tribe!


Plenilunio is out now on Periodica Italy – buy from Boomkat.

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