Buttering Trio & Friends – Love in Music (Live)

One of our favourite albums from last year was without a doubt Buttering Trio‘s Threesome. Their much-praised third album has been on repeat at Twistedsoul HQ since its release.

Watch the trio perform a live rendition of “Love In Music” at the Anova Studios in Tel Aviv. Playing with a host of talented friends including Amir Bresler, Sefi Zisling, and Yudko The Absrtct their heavenly blend of beats, soul, and jazz is on full display.

Do yourself a favour and watch the dazzling live performance below.

Drums – Amir Bresler
Violin – Yogev Glusman
Flute – Yudko the Abstract
Saxophone – Eyal Talmudi
Trumpet – Sefi Zisling
Extra Vibes – Nomok

Director / Producer / DOP – Mia Zur-Spziro
Editor / DOP – Fima Shlick
Colors – Jengo

CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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