Jaxx Madicine – Introducing The Jaxx

Jaxx Madicine - Introducing The Jaxx




Jaxx Madicine is a jazz-funk inspired house’ish outfit from Milan consisting of Turbojazz (Local Talk, GAMM Records), Parker Madicine (Heist, Bastard Jazz Brooklyn, CT-HI Records) and the talented jazz keyboardist ‘Veez_0’.

With an organic and melodic sound collage you can hear influences from classic 70s jazz funk labels and artists like CTI, Mizell Brothers, Kudu and Bob James but also the current sounds of Kaidi Tatham, Byron The Aquarius and Harvey Sutherland.

On this their first EP you get three amazing tracks that all are made with a genuine love for analogue synthesizers, fender Rhodes, clavinets and some soulful MPC programming.


Introducing The Jaxx is out now on Local Talk – buy from Phonica.

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