Anders and shares debut EP

Brown Fat share Anders and 12 Love

After last year’s little taster from newly-founded Stockholm imprint Brown Fat, the label returns with another EP once again from Anders and. The Danish-born, Stockholm-based house producer serves up a new 6-track 12″ vinyl called Love which also marks the first physical release for the fledgling label.

The young artist delves into a melting pot of influences to create his exotic sound. Having spent the past 7 years living and studying in London the cultural diversity has seeped in his music where intricate jazz, African drumming, gospel samples and blissed out Balearic grooves come together for a unique listening experience.

“Love takes you on a journey through a range of musical timbres, meticulously arranged acoustic samples into complex blends of sound, with surgical precision yet raw and rough production methods.”

A fine release debut release from Anders that pulls in everything from primal ethnic music, jazz and soul, through house and techno, all the way to textural ambient. Tuck in below.  


Love 12″ is out now via Brown Fat – buy from Bandcamp.

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