Album Of The Week: Braxton Cook – Somewhere In Between

Braxton Cook - Somewhere In Between

On his new album titled “Somewhere In Between,” saxophonist, singer, and songwriter Braxton Cook weaves together jazz, soul and r&b to form a beguiling concoction. Over the course of twelve tracks, Cook creates a unique sonic landscape that is both innovative and timeless. Title track “Somewhere In Between” blends an intricate guitar riff with haunting piano chords, warm sax and soulful vocals. Recent single “I Can’t,” is a genuinely charming and beautiful love song filed lush instrumentation and with a vocal delivery that is both velvety and self-assured. While “Hymn (For Trayvon)” a joyous burst of contemporary jazz that would spark even the most languid souls back to life! If you’re in need of some in your face straight up fire “Until” has you covered.

Speaking to The FADER Cook talked about his music at length “As a saxophonist and singer/songwriter, I like to experiment with different forms and song structure – this track is especially unique in that regard because the saxophone carries the majority of the melody. In addition, contrary to most songs the lead vocals play a small-but-crucial role because it explains what the song is about. Eventually, the guitar and saxophone solos take over, trading back and forth until the song slowly dissolves into a groove. As a modern day Jazz musician and Millennial at the same time, I like to blend the lines between genres and styles while still maintaining elements of the tradition.”

“Somewhere In Between,” takes the listener by the hand on a lush and ear-catching journey through destinations both familiar and unknown. It is an outstanding debut album, and it’ll be on repeat at Twistedsoul HQ all year-long.    

Somewhere in Between is out now via Fresh Selects – buy from iTunes or Bandcamp.

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