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Thundercat returns to Brainfeeder once again with Drunk his first full album since 2013’s Apocalypse. The 23-track epic journey into the often hilarious, sometimes dark mind of the Grammy-winning singer/bassist kicks off with the stargazing boogie funk of Show You The Way featuring Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins, and featuring a stellar cast of guest features that includes Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington, Pharrell, and Wiz Khalifa.

On his latest full-length  Thundercat delivers a melting pot of sounds as he continues to explore a myriad of musical styles from soul, jazz, hip-hop and left-of-centre electronica – a mix that sits somewhere between smooth yacht rock and the Brainfeeder style beat scene.

The album title, like the rest of the album, is meant to be both humorous and serious. “I’ve always tried to hold true to what Erykah Badu and Flying Lotus told me: It has to come from an honest place. I feel like it’s a place that I’ve been in different ways, seen different angles of and it’s been a bit inspirational – the drinking,” he tells RBMA Daily. “It has its ups and downs and everything, but I felt like it showed the human side of what goes on behind things, something that I see with all of my friends… I felt like it was kind of interweaved in the music culture. And it’s something that’s never talked about.” 

The 4 x 10″ red vinyl box set is absolutely stunning and a must for all vinyl lovers. Easily one of the best albums you’ll hear all year.



Drunk is out now via Brainfeeder – buy from Brainfeeder or Bandcamp.

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