Nicola Cruz shares Cantos de Visiòn EP

Nicola Cruz

Ecuador’s rising son, Nicola Cruz, returns to Multi Culti with Cantos de Visión.

Blending original sounds with internationally professional production, creating something entirely new, sonically. The three track EP is an incredible reintroduction into his Folklorica sound

Following up on his debut LP for  ZZK Records, the return to Multi Culti sees Cruz sharpen his focus toward igniting the downtempo dance-floors that have slowly been gaining ground in clubs and festivals recently. This new club sound is at the fore on opening track Tzantza, already an integral part of Nicola’s live shows and DJ sets worldwide. Elsewhere cuts like Bruxo and Danza de Visión follow suit, showcasing some slick mixing skills, elevating Cruz’s work to heights that the growing legions of flute-bearing imitators will only reach in their intoxicated fantasies.

The 12″ vinyl features Mantis and Invocación, two tracks off his Invocaion EP. A remix EP will follow next month, including reworks from Jaja, Argentina’s Uji, Multi Culti’s own Thomas Von Party, and more. Listen to the Cantos de Visiòn EP below.    

Cantos de Visiòn EP is out now via Multi Culti

CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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