Will Lister – Phantom EP


Will Lister - The Phantom EP

Dorset-born producer and DJ Will Lister has released his debut EP via Phonica Records.

The title track opens up the EP with heavily reverbed pads, echoed claps, crunchy percussion and repetitive synth stabs that all work together to create spaced-out atmosphere that’s full of twist and turns. Flipping over to the B-side, “After The Light” picks up the pace with a driving high-hat rhythm and full-bodied kicks that underpin warm piano keys and smooth synth lines. “Agency” closes proceedings by turning up the intensity to full with a masterclass in building tension.

When he’s not busy studying at Goldsmiths University or making music you can find him behind the counter at Phonica in London. You can also catch Will on Peckham-based Balamii Radio every third Thursday 3pm-5pm.

Listen to Will Lister’s Phantom EP below.



 Will Lister’s Phantom EP is out now (buy)

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