Nubiyan Twist – Headhunter : Simbad 4/4 remix (TS Premiere)

Nubiyan Twist - Headhunter - Simbad remixes

As if Nubiyan Twist‘s recent “Headhunter” track wasn’t impressive enough, the 12-piece collective has enlisted tastemaker DJ & producer Simbad to rework their original track. Much-loved for their trademark big band blend of afrobeat, soul, jazz, dub, hip-hop and Latin influences, Simbad’s remix much like the original is funky, quirky and infectious all at the same time. The Brownswood Recordings affiliate aims the rework squarely at the dancefloor with a no-nonsense progressive 4/4 shuffle and some wicked percussive breakdowns that seamlessly entwine with singer Nubiya Brandon’s vocals. Funky and then some this track is bound to leave you hitting the repeat button.

Listen to the remix of “Headhunter” below and grab their recently released EP “Siren Song” here.


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