Afriquoi – Sare ft Adedeji (TS Premiere)

Afriquoi - Sare ft Adedeji (TS Premiere)

Following on from the release of last year’s debut album “Kolaba,” London-based afro electronic collective Afriquoi get set to drop Abobo Nation Part 1, their second full release on Wormfood. Today we’re premiering “Sare (means run),” a worldwide gem that is sure to put a smile on your face. Enlisting Nigerian vocalist Adedeji Adetayo, the song begins its journey with a rich guitar twang, Adetayo’s warm vocals follow as drums and electronics are introduced to create a lively atmosphere. The songs lyrics written by Adetayo in his native Yoruba is a call to action for all those wanting to achieve something in life:

“Run run/ stand up listen / time is now for you to come / stand up let’s go // Morning is the day for who ever wants to do great/ stand up get to work Time does not play with life / stand up get to work”

Bursting with energy the track is an explosion of fun that’ll have you shaking a leg in no time. If you’re in London and fancy catching the band performing live they play at the Jazz Café on June 18th. Head here to grab a ticket for the show.

Listen to the premiere of “Sare” and for just an idea of what kind of live vibes to expect, check out the video below the SoundCloud player.






Abobo Nation Part 1 EP by Afriquoi is due out on June 17th via Wormfood Records.

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