Interview: Bunki

Interview Bunki

Having recently released his very impressive “ Turn” EP and with Squareglass the label he co-founded with Semi Precious putting out quality releases by the likes of Leiik, Ballerino, Daniel Cherney and Junk Son we thought it only right to catch up with Bunki.  We spoke to the South London producer about his record label, creative process, dream records and more.


Q. Hi, Bunki, tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from, what kind of music did you listen to growing up, how did you get into producing music?

 I grew up listening to all kind of stuff, a lot of Beck and Radiohead like everyone else I guess, but I was also studying classical music pretty intensively for a long time, and was very into big orchestral works as well as solo piano stuff.


Q. You are part of the Squareglass collective/label. How did that come about and can you share a bit about what you guys are all currently working on?

Squareglass started very organically; we’re all just a group of very good friends who share our passion and vision about creating and releasing music in this day and age. Squareglass is at the same time a hub for creative people in which they can share their ideas and perfect their practice, as well as a platform through which they can showcase their finalised works.


Q. Is there a collective vision the members have?

Yes definitely, for a start everyone is very involved in each other’s project. The usual separation between artists and labels doesn’t exist here; everything is a lot more intertwined. The fact that everyone is a part of each other’s practice creates a stronger sense of community; people are able to rely on each other, consult, comment and work together, which leads to a coherent vision.


Q. Congrats on the new EP! Would you mind taking us through the creation of “Turn”?

Thank you! This EP was written very quickly, the main ideas of all tracks were created over a period of two weeks. In that sense, the writing of this EP was more intuitive than my previous one. When I first started writing Bunki tracks it was a rather surgical process, and this was also the character of the first EP, with this one, however, I still implemented a lot of the techniques and ideas that I used before, but in a much more “free-hand”, instinctive approach. The tracks have rather strong emotional themes, they relate to memories, dreams and vision that I have in my head, and I think the sound of this EP is a bit more expressive as a result.


Q. Do you approach the music you make with Amy Spencer as Leiik differently to your solo work? What part does each of you play in the writing of a song?

Yes, it’s a bit different. I do of course still use my own vocabulary of production techniques, but unlike Bunki, in Leiik, this is not what’s in focus. Leiik is built around the lyrical work and vocal presentation of Amy, which I believe are both extraordinary. My roll there is to provide the right setting, which amplifies those said elements, and allows them to flourish.


Q. From the outside it seems like it’s an exciting time for up and coming artists in and around South London. Do you feel that same sense working there? Do you feel part of a scene at all?

Yes, there is definitely a sense of something good happening around here. There are so many talented people, who are constantly producing interesting and exciting art, it is very inspiring to be surrounded by this kind atmosphere.


Q. If you had the opportunity to sign whatever artist you wanted to Squareglass, who would be your choice?

There are a lot of people out there making music that I think is incredible, but it doesn’t mean that Squareglass should sign them. I wouldn’t want to sign an established artist, the best part of the release process is to try and carve something new and exciting, and to see people finding what it is that they want to say and do.



Q. If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Nicolas Jaar – Space is Only Noise.


Q. What’s next for Bunki?

There are a few collaborations which I’m really excited about and will see the light of day in the next few months. I’ve also been trying out some new things with my solo stuff, going in slightly different directions, it’s a bit weird, more minimal and maybe a bit more pumping at the same time. I don’t really want to do the same kind of thing over and over again, so it’s nice to try out a new thing once in a while.



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Bunki’s Turn EP is out now on Sqaureglass (buy)




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