Vibration Black Finger – Vibration Black Finger 12′

Vibration Black Finger

Via Juno:

Lascelle Gordon‘s latest creative brainchild, Vibration Black Finger follows a long line exciting, unique and highly accomplished fusions: Brand New Heavies, Campag Velocet, and Helliocentrics are just the tip of the iceberg. Here we find him launching a new community-style project with multiple collaborators all sharing the same spiritual jazz vision: Vibration Black Finger. Free loose and layered in dizzying textures and ideas, it sits somewhere between Donald Byrd Band & Voices, Mary Lou Williams and Sun Ra but arranged and produced with the future in mind. From the hypnotic urgency of the vocal refrains on “In Rhythm” to the ghostly space of “Empty Streets”, this is yet another exciting new chapter for Gordon. This 3-track EP is killer, and I can’t wait for more!





Vibration Black Finger’s EP is out now (buy)

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