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jean michel blais

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An experimental neo-classical track at the end of a working week may not be the best way to kick start that Friday feeling, but trust me this track is seriously invigorating.

Jean-Michel Blais is a French Canadian composer and pianist from Montreal, Canada. Blais pairs the melodic pop sensibilities of Yann Tiersen and Chilly Gonzales with the breathtaking technical skill of minimalist composers like Philip Glass and Erik Satie.

Blais grew up in a rural French Catholic town in Quebec with little to no Culture. He began tinkering and composing with his family’s organ at age 9 and by 16, he was invited by a conservatory to train as a classical pianist. However, deep in the throes of teenage rebellion he found the constraints of formal training cumbersome and left after two years.

Blais then spent his 20s living around the world including stints in Berlin and South America before finally settling in Montreal where he began to work on his debut album.

The record is out April 8th via Arts & Crafts, but for now, fall into the lap of his luxury courtesy of the beautiful, “Nostos” featuring Bufflo below.


1. Hasselblad 4 (Improvisation)
2. il
3. Dada
4. Nostos (feat. Bufflo)
5. Hasselblad 2 (Improvisation)
6. Budapest
7. Casa
8. Ronda majeur (3 mains)


Jean-Michel Blais’  Il is out April 8th via Arts & Crafts

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