Wallace Returns With Supremely Soulful ‘Negroni Eyes’

Negroni Eyes by Wallace

A few months ago I came across Sydney-based future soul singer Wallace through her collaboration with Twistedsoul fave Sampa The Great on a track called “Beauty”. Wallace returned with the supremely soulful track “Negroni Eyes” early last month hooking up with the hugely talented producer Godriguez, who slices up old jazz standards to make new beats.

The lure of this sort of this production technique appealed to the Jazz nerd within Wallace. The track utilises stems from one of her favourite instrumental jazz tunes, Nardis by the legendary Miles Davis.

“The lyric imagery in Negroni Eyes was inspired by a Frida Kahlo quote I saw scrawled in chalk on the wall of a Mexican restaurant in Wellington, NZ”, says Wallace.

“I drank to drown my sorrows, but the damned things learned how to swim.”

“My mind conjured up an image of a person knee-deep, wading through alcohol inside their own brain, searching for the cause of the flood all the while knowing that they, themselves are to blame. I guess in a way it’s an ode to vices and their ability to mask problems.”

Float away with her dreamy vocals and cop for a small fee here.

CF Smith

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