10 Artist To Watch In 2016

10 Artist To Watch In 2016

The first of our year-end round-ups – 10 new artists to watch in 2016. We’ve gone over our carefully compiled list to find the ten newcomers who got us most excited in 2015. Over the course of the year, these artists have amazed us with their brilliant music and we believe they will continue to shine next year and beyond. If you missed any of their music, allow yourself to get acquainted by heading to the bottom of the page for a SoundCloud playlist featuring all the artists we’ve picked.

Kadhja Bonet

What we said: The Visitor EP is a more than impressive debut offering that absorbs the listener and leaves us wanting more. I’m looking forward to an official album. Listen and let Kadhja Bonet take you to places that you didn’t know existed.

Alex Burey

What we said: Lifting effortlessly from diverse musical worlds – 70’s psychedelic soul, sun-kissed folk-rock & jazz fusion to name just a few – Alex’s songwriting sits gently in its warm cloak of production as he confides stories from the fringes of London life. Definitely a brilliant debut, and hopefully an indication of what he plans on continuing to bless the world with.


What we said: Khruangbin’s sound melds a fusion of psychedelic, funk, soul and pop into their own unique vision. Head to their SoundCloud for more amazing music. Big fan of this.


What we said: The newly formed duo created by the two recent Goldsmiths alumni, fuse brooding lyrics and velvety vocals, with carefully crafted electronic soundscapes. It’s easy to fall into a musical trance with the otherworldly sounds on display, and I love that their sound is so difficult to pin down to any one genre.

Henry Wu

What we said: With a refreshing take on rhythm and a virtuosic musicality born out of years of recording and touring as a session player, Henry Wu represents a brightly shining light in the already glowing London community.

Sampa The Great

What we said: At first listen you hear the poetic influences in her music. She captures you with her thought-provoking words, yet keeps you laughing and enjoying the simplicity of creativity. 

Loyle Carner

What we said: It’s easy to see why Loyle Carner is the name on everyone’s lips at the minute. The South London MC possess great delivery, wordplay, and lyrics that will stop you in your tracks.

The Age Of L.U.N.A

What we said: Unquestionably one of the most exciting new artists to have emerged over the past year, their imaginative mixture of hip-hop and jazz music, along with their fantastic everyday storytelling presents an inspiring formula. A must listen, this is UK hip hop 2015. 

Bastien Keb

What we said: I stumbled upon Bastien Keb while searching for something else and was instantly drawn in by his intriguing sound. Psychedelic, soulful, eerie, experimental, ambient and avant-garde – experimental hip hop and soul music, all played live using battered/borrowed instruments.

Kojey Radical

What we said: This is a man who writes and performs some seriously intriguing and thought-provoking music, making you sit up and listen again and again to his unmistakable tone.

CF Smith

Permeating your ears with good music.

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