New Sounds: Free Wize Men – Is Ya With Me?

Free Wize Men - Is Ya With Me?

Why hip hop doesn’t suck in 2015. I sometimes wonder if certain critics even bother to search beyond the mainstream and discover what’s truly out there in the world of hip-hop. The same crap blurted out again and again, yes we know it was better in the 90’s, but the good stuff is still there you just need to dig a bit deeper. Case in point is Manchester hip-hop collective, Free Wize Men. Consisting of MCs Afro Sam and Kay Bey, plus multi-instrumentalist and producer Blind MIC the trio dropped their debut EP Free Wizdom back in January and although we’re only just discovering the trio now being tardy is better than not at all. New single Is Ya With Me? makes for a fascinating listen blending hip-hop, jazzy chords, live guitar and bass. Lyrically as well the trio are on point, no grandiose arrogance or self-delusional dreams of bling-bling. Just everyday stories expressed over dope beats. I see great things coming. Check out Free Wize Men and support.

CF Smith

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