Tenderly – Love (feat. SUTRA)

Tenderly ❤ Love (feat. SUTRA)

Introducing Tenderly and their soul-infused debut single “Love” featuring vocals from SUTRA. Tenderly are Heath and Cody, two college students in Alabama who explained their approach to making music in an email.

” We really like to try things that are hard for us to understand, we like to make music challenging and think a lot about it, it’s never fun to just follow a standard structure, you know? I guess we’re just focused on our own little section of what we’re doing in music, it’s fun to do your own thing.”

Their refreshing brand of soul which also blends at jazz, hip hop and R&B into the mix will leave you instantly has you smitten and have you hitting the reply button. Then, you’ve got SUTRA’s super silky and warm voice to top things off.

“Love” is a strong debut, and a must listen.


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