Floating Points Shares Stunning Visaul For ‘Silhouettes (I, II & lII)’ Taken From New Album, Elaenia

Floating Points - Elaenia

Ahead of his highly anticipated new album “Elaenia”, Sam Shepard aka Floating Points presents us with “Silhouettes” a track composed of music from Silhouettes (I, II & III).

Shepherd shared the video for ‘Silhouettes’ – an excerpt from the eleven-minute epic album track. The stunning video directed by Junior Martínez and Pablo Barquín and they had this to say about the visuals:

An oscillating stream of light attempts to intrude on an arid natural landscape, abstract light and a living environment merge, reacting to the dynamics of the music.

The luminous abstract forms are produced by a light painting machine that, frame by frame, draws in a real environment the 3D animated figures.

Watch the video for “Silhouettes” below.


1. Nespole
2. Silhouettes (I, II, III)
3. Elaenia
4. Argenté
5. Thin Air
6. For Marmish
7. Peroration Six

‘Elaenia’ is out on November 6th through Pluto (pre-order).

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