Georgia Unveils Debut Album Artwork And Video For Single, ‘Nothing Solutions’

Georgia - Nothing Sloutions

Georgia been buzzing on the blogosphere for a while, and last week the London producer/singer unveiled the artwork for her debut album and the video for upcoming single “Nothing Solutions”.

Director Courtney Phillips shared the idea behind the visuals:

“The initial idea for this was to have Georgia running away from something in the forest, only to find out she’s actually running with them – leading the pack. It was key to keep the visuals feeling mysterious and ambiguous, leaving the meaning open to the viewer’s interpretation – but some might say she’s running from her demons. We brought the forest to life by transforming it in to a hyper real environment, injecting artificial colours in to a natural space.”

Expect Georgia to become more than just an internet favourite, check out the video below.

Georgia Album Artwork


1. Intro
2. Kombine
3. Be Ache
4. Nothing Solutions
5. Hold It
6. Digits
7. Cab Ride
8. Tell Me About It
9. Move Systems
10. Heart Wrecking Animals
11. GMTL
12. You

Domino release Georgia on 7th August (buy).

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