Nicola Cruz Drops Some Ecuadorian Soulful Grooves With “Colibria”

Nicola Cruz - Colibria

Our appreciation for forward-thinking and unique music is limitless. Mixing the old with the new, Ecuadorian musician Nicola Cruz‘s latest track entitled “Colibria” invokes rituals and spaces of his homeland. Colibria is the feminine name in Spanish of a colibri, an artisanal instrument used in the recording of this song. The song speaks of primitive origins, water, survival, the basic elements that make up who we are. Huaira, the singer and eternal companion and collaborator of Nicola says “Colibria was born when I was living at the foothills of an active volcano where daily we watched it bleed, this track signifies an inward search and the journey of being reborn.” The track was recorded in an old warehouse in Quito, Ecuador with high ceilings that vibrated throughout the recording, giving the sound of water flowing throughout the song. If you were looking something a bit left-field, look no further than Nicola Cruz’s “Colibria”. Check it out below.

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