Listen To Hejira’s Name Surname EP


We’re a bit late on this one, but Hejira dropped their new EP a few months back and it’s brilliant. Following their critically acclaimed 2013 debut album ‘Prayer Before Birth’, their new EP sees the trio drop a deluge of future soul and contemporary alt-R&B. Intricate, intimate and stripped back, each of the four tracks on the release delivers a bold emotional message whilst maintaining a necessary restraint. The title track rubs male and female harmonised vocal lines against gentle electronica making for an alluring composition.  Next up is ” To Mean To Lie” which shimmers in its late night groove, packed with layer upon layer of sparkling rhythms and delicate vocals. The reworked version of “Pinter”  features a more rich production complete with steady drums and soft layered vocals. “Rhyme Or Reason brings things to a close and finds the band at their most experimental with its intense, unrelenting soundscapes and clever lyrics. Hejira excels in bringing a myriad of psychedelic, soul, electronic, pop, and jazz sounds together and this EP marks an exciting second chapter in this wonderful trio’s musical exploits. Pick your favourite (if you can) below!

The Name Surname EP is out now via Eglo Records

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