Now we at Twistedsoul have never been into one genre, we are just as likely to post the latest R&B tune as we are some classical music. This is good as London-based singer/songwriter ESKA weaves together many diverse musical elements – hints of folk, soul, psychedelia and electronica on her self-titled debut album. We’ve followed ESKA since she featured on Morgan Zarate’s “Sticks and Stones” single back in 2008. She followed that up with her Gatekeeper EP in 2013.  With that she cemented her place in music and sold us on her voice, songwriting and overall passion for the craft. With her debut album, she takes it to the next level.

Having built an inimitable reputation as a writer and performer through collaborations with such legends of the industry as Grace Jones, Cinematic Orchestra, Zero 7 and Bobby McFerrin together with performances in some of the world’s most famous venues and festivals, it’s time to discover ESKA’s own unique sound in full force. The album boast of a hosts production credits from cult British electronic artist including Matthew Herbert, Louis ‘slipperz’ Hackett and Dave Okumu of The Invisible.

Right from the start, we’re hooked in by the warmth of the opening  track, “This Is How A Garden Grows.” This song personifies the natural ability ESKA has to create mind-blowing music. “Rock Of Ages” is easily the standout cut on the album. When you hear it for the first time, and with repeated listens, it’s a track that sticks in the mind.  As we continue on with “Boundaries,“  “She’s In The Flowers,” and “Heros And Villains” it will become clear that you’re listening to a future classic.

Her voice sounds as gorgeous as ever against the genre-hopping setting.  On “Shade Of Blue” her voice is so lovely, it flutters at you rather playfully leaving you to fall in love. The closing part of the album rounds out with the three absolute gems, “To Be Remembered,” “Dear Evelyn” and  “So Long Eddy”. This is one of those albums that only gets better with repeated listens, so make sure you grab a copy.

‘ESKA’ will be released on April 27th via Naim Edge Records. Listen to a few tracks below.



ESKA Tracklist:

1.This Is How a Garden Grows
3.Rock of Ages
5.She’s in the Flowers
6.Shades of Blue
7.Heroes & Villains
8.To Be Remembered
9.Dear Evelyn
10.So Long Eddy

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