Album Of the Week: Telemachus – In Morocco

In Morocco

London-based producer Telemachus follows up his 2013 debut with his latest album ‘In Morocco’; a potent brew of wistful North African strings, wild percussion, howling dogs and lashings of tape hiss.

The album marks a further departure – both musically and geographically – from Telemachus’ Hip Hop roots. Having re-located to the village of Mirleft in Southern Morocco for 2 months to surf the Atlantic and make the album, the result is tapestry of rich experience; a well-weathered body of work hot-footing through the sands to the electric beat of it’s own bohemian ambitions.

14 instrumental tracks deep, Telemachus employs the sonic sensibilities of a youth misspent soaking up the sounds of London’s bashment raves and pirate radio stations to take us on a Super-8 cinematic trail through the Moroccan Medina, beyond the bustling Souk and over the rolling verdant hills to adventure unknown.

A few of my favorite tracks on the project are “Marriage,” “Petit Etoile,” “Titnit,”  “Ahmed”and “Les Larmes D’Ali.” Telemachus’ new album stands as a unique musical experience, and it is a worthwhile listening adventure for all music fans. Get into it below, and purchase the project on Bandcamp.

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