Premiere: Ofei – Dreamers EP


Following the magnificence of his cover of The Korgis’ “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime,” singer/songwriter Ofei is back with a new 4-track EP.  Dreamers is a subtle blend of electronic, soul and R&B. Ofei’s ability to switch gears within songs has always made him such a captivating character. Particularly on the two new tracks titled “Dreamers” and “Pandora.” The former is, yet again, further proof that Ofei is creating music on a higher plane than your average soul/R&B artist. Though it’s only four tracks, Ofei showcases his song writing ability along with his rich, distinctive vocals. This new EP sees him continue to extend his musical reach in exploring the outer reaches of the genres.  Check him out and if you like what you hear, show some love.

CF Smith

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