Tropics shares “Rapture” off his forthcoming LP


As a follow-up to his sublime release “Blame,” producer/ multi-instrumentalist Chris Ward aka Tropics reveals his latest cut “Rapture.” The smooth arrangement is driven by lovely piano strokes and bubbly synths. Tropics aching vocals offer a refreshingly fragile vocal intonation that flows freely over the track as it builds towards the gradual frenetic ending. Ward spoke with Music Mix about the track:

“I wrote [it] about a year ago and was living in London at the time and meeting a lot of new people but never really experiencing a deep connection. There’s something about, if you live in a city like this, everyone can be a little bit more enclosed and sort of caged off with their emotions–or maybe their emotions only go a certain distance and then they stop. It just kind of flowed out from that, it was an extension of that feeling I was experiencing at the time, trying to express the love and affection of my generation. “It was the second-to-last song I’d written for the album. I was just in my room one night, and it was quite late–I was struggling to sleep–and it kind of felt nice, it just sort of wrapped it all together for me. Everything else that came before was trying or attempting to touch on one particular moment and this sort of, it has a lot…not anxiety, but this kind of frustration built up of wanting one track speaking everything of what I’m feeling for this album. That’s why I wanted to make it the title of the album.”

Tropics will release his sophomore album on February 16th, listen to the title track ‘Rapture’ below.

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