Introducing Gia Koka


Dutch-based singer/songwriter/producer Gia Koka might be little known, but her lustful debut track “FCUKU” is so comfortably assured that it speaks like an old friend. ‘If Jai Paul & Aaliyah had a daughter, I imagine this is what she would sound like” says Gia after being asked to describe her sound.

Opening with an eerie synth, Koka soon gets right to the heart of the track with “All I care now, Wanna take you one, Run the one with the ??? my lie, All over, let you leave then take my money,Then we have some time, yeah”. The track dazzles with its Jai Paul-esque beat and vibrant instrumentation, not to mention those seductive vocals.

There are definite links in her sound that point to the artist mentioned before: experimental, hip-hop beats, deeply alluring R&B, and heavy bass, but this is not just some pale imitation, she is trying to crave out her own identity and I’m looking forward to hearing how her sound will progress.

Koka is now recording her debut EP, so keep your eyes peeled for more material.

Stream below and download here.

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