Listen to Dewy Sinatra’s Debut EP – Wasted Youth


Dewy Sinatra has quickly become a favourite on the site since hearing “Questions” last month. Although a few other loose tracks can be found on his Soundcloud, we’ve been eagerly awaiting his Wasted Youth EP over the past few weeks. Though it’s only four tracks, Sinatra showcases his song writing ability along with his successful hip hop/R&B/indie sound. That and a sprinkle of electronic makes this EP, taken as a whole project a perfect backdrop for contemplation and reflection. Wasted Youth is an EP, that lyrically,  can be an uneasy listen, full of tension and darkness, but Sinatra always comes across as good-natured. Throughout the EP, Sinatra is continually probing the meaning of life and love in situations that are rarely pondered in the genre he will be most closely connected with – R&B. Overall, Wasted Youth is a solid debut with a young, fresh perspective that’s experimenting with an established sound. Check out Sinatra today and download here.

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