Audio: Evy Jane-Worry Heart

Evy-Jane-HOFEvy Jane (comprised of Evelyn Mason & Jeremiah Klein) will make their Ninja Tune debut in the form of the Closer EP, which will be released August 25th.

Inherently DIY, Evelyn and Jeremiah draw upon Vancouver’s mystical aura to create a world that mirrors and magnifies it. From self-directed videos to hypnotic songwriting, Evy Jane is inspired by the hooks and melodies of R&B as much as the sub low shudder of the UK’s shifting bass music spectrum and the ebb and swell of tidal synth washes and grainy atmospherics.

The duo’s new single Worry Heart ventures into dubbier territory, a recollected vision of failed reassurance seeing Evelyn’s vocals soar: “You are so damn fair. With your anchors gone, you are floating too free”.

Listen to “Worry Heart” and previous single “Closer” below, pre-order the Closer EP here.


1. Closer
2. Nothing So Great
3. Sosoft
4. Worry Heart

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