Stream LAW’s Cowboys & Hustlers EP

105146_bannerEmerging from the exciting Edinburgh music scene, LAW , or Lauren Holt’s debut EP ‘Haters And Gangsters‘ was an explosive introduction. Since then she’s been appearing live and working on her new EP, Cowboys & Hustlers which dropped online a few hours ago. The EP finds Holt in much the same place as before, but ready to catch a wider audience. Always interesting and innovative, LAW’s take on pop is in complete contrast to anything else around at the moment. ‘Cowboys and Hustlers’ filters LAW’s wonderfully experimental vision through a more refined lens – balancing those deep, dark tones with a lighter, more playful touch whilst that voice of hers lends an undeniable soul to every syllable. Listening to this, only gets me intrigued about what will happen next!

CF Smith

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