Introducing Future-Jazz/Experimental Artist Sudie


Following the release of her first single, “Heartattack,” Texan-based singer/songwriter/producer, Sudie returns with her second single over the course of three months. “Spill” reveals a more playful sound full of glitchy beats, fragmented melodies, a lovely vibraphone and Sudie’s ethereal vocals which reveal with astonishing results!  The fiercely independent artist explained her lyrical content and music, as such “Music is my way of spilling my guts to the world. All of those things that either make the wheel rot or shiny are always turning in my head. If you want to know my darkest secrets, just listen to my music.”

Sudie recently attended Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee, along with 20 other hand-picked musicians from the southern United States for the Red Bull Music Academy’s Bass Camp. You can check out her beautiful rendition of the American anthem underneath the widgets. Looking back on the experience Sudie explained, “I have never experienced such an incredibly amazing and inspiring creative environment before. It truly generated this new supportive and loving family among all of the people involved.”

Take a listen to both ‘Heartattack” and “Spill”  below and be on the lookout for her self-tilted EP, which will be released on August 26th via Black Milk’s Computer Ugly record label.

Time to get your pens out and write the name down ‘cause Sudie is a name you don’t want to forget!

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  1. I love her music. So refreshing and different, can’t get enough of her sound. Can’t wait Susie’s EP to come out.

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