Premiere: Four new tracks from Via Rosa


In one fell swoop Via Rosa added some serious depth to the current glut of hip hop/soul/R&B performers. The Texas hailing, Chicago-based singer/producer/writer/chef is part of the THEMpeople collective, by way of a friend who play them her mixtape which happened to be produced by Rosa. Having moved from California to Chicago to become the personal chef for her poorly grandmother Rosa also started cooking for THEMpeople and over time she started getting studio hours to work on her music. Having dropped her excellent debut mixtape, DeathViaLove a few months back which features guest appearances from Vic Mensa, Jean Deaux, Nosidam and more, she returns with four tracks from a new project she’s currently working on. Over the four songs which are layered in hip hop/R&B structure she sings about her personal experiences of love, moods, feelings and fear with her powerful voice and impassioned gestures that leave a profound impression. This is one artist that definitely takes her art seriously and we’re happy she does as her music shouts out for this young talent to be heard!

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