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Totally forgot to post this earlier in the week, but the best things in life sometimes come late but are worth waiting for, right? For a minute now we’ve been falling head over heels in love with new Oakland band SALES and their nostalgic indie/garage sound. The  duo of Lauren Morgan & Jordan Shih have been quietly dropping their catchy brand of Lo-fi vibes over the past year, with each release garnering more support. Our introduction to SALES came recently in the form of the wonderful, ‘Renee’ and from the first listen it seemed obvious that Morgan and Shih are a match made heaven. They both know exactly what kind of music they want to make, how it should sound and it shows in these magnificently crafted songs. They’ve basically taken all the good bits from late 90’s indie and brought it all bang up to date with a slight modern touch here and there, simple but absolutely brilliant. We’ve picked out a few songs from the duo below and you can check out their small but highly impressive catalogue on

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