Audio: Hollie Cook- Twice


Hollie Cook has brought some serious sunshine vibes to our day. Her sound is steeped in reggae but she pulls in other elements to her music,making for an infectious and unique listen.Sounding in places not to dissimilar to Grace Jones musically in her Compass Point era,the track is a heavenly concoction of lovers rock,dub,pop and disco all lovingly wrapped around Hollie’s delicate vocals.Really looking forward to her forthcoming LP,which is due out on May 12th via Mr Bongo Records Get into it below peeps!

You can pre-order “Twice” at

1. Ari Up
2. 99
3. Desdemona
4. Tiger Balm
5. Postman
6. Looking For Real Love
7. Superfast
8. Twice
9. Win Or Loose

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