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As we said last week,the wait for the new Little Dragon album is nearly over with the announcement that their fourth studio LP will be out in the spring.The folks over at Yours Truly traveled to the bands studio in Gothenburg to get a first hand look at the inner workings of the group.Check out what Yours Truly had to say:

When we met Little Dragon this summer, the band had just returned from some well deserved time away from making what would become their new album. In the old days, there wasn’t much time for time off. Today, only Yukimi lives in the studio they’ve lovingly transformed into their home away from home on the second floor of a quiet building near the center of town. “The guys” as Yukimi refers to the three-piece fraternity eternally at her side, have all since moved out, or in with their families. The band’s success has afforded them just a little space to themselves.

The space they still share is like a clubhouse. One they built when they first met back in high-school, and spent years adding little touches to. It feels like more like a museum than a work space with Håkan’s home-made walls, funky instruments, and half-done DIY projects daring to be completed all around. It’s here that we ate traditional Swedish breakfast and watched the band at work on their untitled first single, what is now “Klapp Klapp.”

Watch the second teaser video for the new album below. 

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