Chimurenga Renaissance -The B.A.D Is So Good


Baba Maraire and Palaceer Lazaro, otherwise known as experimental hip hop outfit Shabazz Places, are set to release a new album under the guise of their Chimurenga Renaissance project. The duo will team up with Hussein Kalonji for the album,entitled” riZe vadZimu rise”, which will be released March 25th via Brick Lane Records.The bands press release shared this statement :

“We were ordained to build a bridge strong enough to span oceans, but don’t fall off. Under the waters, we’re waiting with paws each larger than the head of a lion, rows of teeth, and jaws stronger than a Megaladon. Together, we are the black leviathan, panther of the deep.” .All good then,no me neither!

Anyway,listen to the groups new tune “The B.A.D Is So Good” and the message they are trying to convey comes out loud and clear.


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