All Styles, Today's

Audio:Today’s Soundtrack

Spring is in the air and we’ve got the bounce back into our step.It’s Tuesday morning so time to soundtrack the tunes that our dominating the Twistedsoul office.Kicking things off we have two from the very special Keren Dun,the second of which is taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Yey4Ney‘.Amongst other gems are S-Type getting heavy,Ben […]

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KerenDun-Shakin’ the Tips

Shakin’ the Tips sees KerenDun make a welcome solo return, taking you as she does on a journey of rhythms and sounds. Throughout the EP you find beat heavy, precise percussion, little droplets of unidentifiable sounds and vocals that drift in and out leaving you in a trance. Having spent the last year collaborating with […]

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