Future Music

IAMNOBODI -Needs & Wants & Bad Habits

Iamnobodi offers up another slice of his genre skipping beats on “Needs & Wants & Bad Habits” . The 5-track EP has a running time of just over 15 minutes, but in that time this young beatsmith covers Hip Hop,Jazz, Soul and RnB ,connecting the dots with future music. Check it out below and snag a […]

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Jazz, Leftfield

Nostalgia 77- An Angel With No Halo

Well, we are looking forward to this. Benedic Lamdin’s fifth solo album under his Nostalgia 77 guise. If this tune is anything to go by it will be another genre twisted album, continuing his long-running work with Josa Peit, the album will also feature vocals from Country Soul boy Jeb Loy Nichols. The album is called […]

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Jazz, Video

Blossom Dearie- My Attorney Bernie

She had a voice and style which were so uniquely hers (“chic, sleek and squeeky-clean, a voice in a million” so said Leonard Feather in the Los Angeles Times). He was absolutely right she had impeccable delivery and sang every song as though it might be the last.Blossom was hip and cool without ever actually […]

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