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HEL may not be getting as much attention as some of their other Scandinavian counterparts at the moment, but with the release of their debut EP, THIRSTY, we’re thinking that might change pretty quickly. On the surface HEL’s music might seem like a carbon copy of everything that’s coming out of the US. But on […]

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Audio: Today’s Fresh Licks

We’re back once again with a mix of the signature Twistedsoul blend, that’s what you’re getting here. Picking carefully from a selection of the newest sounds that have dropped on the interwebs over the past few weeks, and patching it together to create a musical story. Jump in!

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Let us introduce you to Swedish hip hop trio HEL who have just dropped their slick debut track ‘BODDLE’. The video features bodybuilder flexing, underpants dancing and straight up swaggering fun that has the vibe and the off-colour humour of an Odd Future, yet musically their sound is more reminiscent of the chilled vibes of the Neptunes. […]

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