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Audio: WOKE – The Lavishments of Light Looking ft. George Clinton

Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Shabazz Palaces have released a new track as WOKE for Adult Swim’s singles series. The psychedelic track has FlyLo’s signature spaced-out funk sound all over it record while multi-instrumental genius Tendai Maraire provides a solid backing. It’s all anchored by Ishmael Butler’s purposeful verses with George Clinton continuing to free our […]

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Watch Flying Lotus’s video for Coronus, the Terminator

Flying Lotus has unveiled a new video for the You’re Dead! favourite “Coronus, The Terminator”. Directed by Young Replicant, it’s an unsettling cinematic piece of work that compliments the song perfectly. FlyLo shared the below note along with video: “For me, Coronus is one of the most important moments on You’re Dead! and holds ideas I’m […]

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All Styles, Top 20 Songs Of The Year

Top 30 Songs Of The Year

Today we’re bringing you our list of the 30 songs that rocked our world in 2014. We haven’t written any long boring intros as let’s be honest, nobody bloody reads them anyway. So forget all that – here’re 30 songs in no particular order. We really struggled with this one and big shouts to Milk […]

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