Anenon returns with a highly anticipated new album, Moons Melt Milk Light

Photo by Valerie Chaika.

In 2010, Brian Allen Simon introduced his solo studio and live project, Anenon. Since then, he has graced us with multiple albums and EPs that have garnered great appreciation, such as the highly esteemed ‘Tongue’ in 2018 and ‘Petrol’ in 2016. As soon as we heard that a new album from this talented artist was on the way, we couldn’t wait to get our ears around it.

On the upcoming ‘Moons Melt Milk Light’, we find Anenon departing from his previous electronic works and bravely embracing a more stripped-down, predominantly acoustic style. The enchanting sounds of piano, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, and captivating field recordings characterise this new approach. It’s a refreshing direction that showcases Anenon’s versatility and artistry. Every piece of music was created on the spot, with all recordings done in just one or two takes without post-production edits.

Despite this spontaneous process, the overall sound structure of the compositions feels meticulously crafted and thoughtfully arranged. It’s a testament to the seamless fusion of creativity and precision that makes the final result feel intentional and polished.

Two tracks have emerged from the album. The title cut and ‘Champeix’. Take a listen to both below.

Moons Melt Milk Light arrives this Friday via Tonal Union.

Moons Melt Milk Light Listening Party
November 15, 2023 at 7:00 PM GMT


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