Between The Cracks: Discover Eight Essential New Albums

There is so much music around us but so little time to listen to it. As we do each Friday, we explore new music releases that you might have yet to hear. Hopefully, you’ll find new releases that you love and add them to your collection. We’ll dive right into this week’s roundup without further ado!


Balimaya Project – When The Dust Settles

‘When The Dust Settles’ is an absolute delight! It effortlessly blends the vibrant rhythms of West African Mandé with the fresh sounds of contemporary London jazz. Led by the talented Djembe player Yahael Camara Onono, Balimaya Project has created another album full of their imitable sound. There are also some outstanding contributions from Afronaut Zu, Obongjayar, and Fassara Sacko. All the way through, this was a joy to listen to and I’ll be pressing rewind on this musical journey over and over in the coming months.


Vumbi Dekula – Congo Guitar

It will probably only take a few seconds of listening to this amazing record to be blown away by this incredible album released by Hive Mind Records from Brighton and Sing-A-Song Fighter from Stockholm. They have joined forces to bring you an outstanding solo guitar album by the legendary Congolese guitarist Kahanga Dekula, also known as “Vumbi”. This release is a true gem showcasing Vumbi’s exceptional talent and will leave you jaw wide open! Big props to Hive Mind and Sing-A-Song Fighter!


Dadá Joãozinho – Tds Bem Global

Dada Joaozinho’s debut solo album is an absolute mind-bender that traverses musical realms with unabashed creativity. It’s like a mesmerising psychedelic journey, weaving through 13 unique movements. Drawing inspiration from genres such as dub reggae, hip hop, punk, and samba, this album fearlessly blurs boundaries and even manages to invent new styles along the way. Originality leaps from this album.


Misha Panfilov – In Focus

Misha Panfilov is the perfect choice to carry on Jazzaggression’s New Library Series. He is intimately familiar with the genre, having drawn inspiration from fellow library music composers for many years. Panfilov’s magical sound world spans 14 tracks and will make your ears happy.


Yussef Dayes – Black Classical Music

Setting the very mixed reviews of his recent live show at the Royal Albert Hall aside. WOW! What a pure and utterly brilliant modern jazz album this is. Jazz drummer Yussef Dayes presents his debut solo album, ‘Black Classical Music’ alongside an incredible ensemble of contemporary British jazz players. Having collaborated with many of these amazing musicians on various projects, the album showcases their collective talent and creativity. Press play and indulge in a musical feast, as this exceptional album serves up nineteen tracks that draw inspiration from Miles Davis, Rahssan Roland Kirk, Nina Simone, and world music. With contributions from talented artists such as Shabaka Hutchings, Tom Misch, Theon Cross, and many others, Dayes’ album will leave you craving more.


Souleance – Beautiful

Souleance’s latest album, ‘Beautiful’, is a genre-bending journey that showcases the duo’s masterful blending of diverse influences. The 16-track album features breezy tropical vibes on ‘Mamãe Não Quer’, dreamy psychedelic funk soundscapes on ‘Out of Touch’, and celebratory anthems like ‘Feliz’. Collaborations with artists like Jenny Perkin and Kaloune & Cyril Atef further highlight the funky French duo’s versatility. Crafted with precision and passion, ‘Beautiful’ is an album that tranquillises, energises, transports and transforms.


Kamaal Williams – Stings

Kamaal Williams’ latest album ‘Stings’ is a vivid journey through diverse soundscapes that showcase the artist’s intricate artistry. After the haunting orchestral opener, ‘The Last Symphony’, sets a dramatic tone, the dub-infused ‘The Guvna’ kicks in with a killer bass from Sharay Reed complemented by jazzy keys. The ominous title track pulses with dark, atmospheric sax and synths. ‘Repercussions’ changes pace with its cosmic vibe. Finally, the grimy ‘PKKNO’ paints dark imagery with Williams’ menacing tone. It is an album not to be missed by jazz, hip-hop, R&B, and EDM enthusiasts alike.


Laura Groves – Radio Red

This is big news for fans eagerly waiting for this moment. Finally, singer-songwriter Laura Groves is dropping her first full-length album under her name after a bunch of solo EPs, a collab with Nautic, and an album released as Blue Roses. Red Radio delivers precisely what you’d expect from Groves’ beautifully crafted sophisti-pop tunes, complete with her soulful and incredibly expressive vocals. I can’t get enough of the dreamy opener ‘Sky at Night’ and the atmospheric vibes on the ‘D 4 N’ track featuring Sampha. It’s an album worthy of your love.


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