Between The Cracks: Essential Music From Across The Board

We’re always having a little dig around to find musical gems we love and wish to share with you. A few of this weeks selection have been out for a while the majority are newly released. A weekly roundup of our favourites is curated on Friday so that you can discover new music you enjoy and add it to your collection. As always, enjoy the music, hit BUY/SHARE, and help support artists and labels.


Loraine James – Gentle Confrontation

With ‘Gentle Confrontation’, the innovative electronic producer Loraine James showcases her sixth full-length album, demonstrating her versatility under different aliases like Whatever The Weather. Released via Hyperdub, this marks her impressive third project with them. Prepare to immerse yourself in a carefully curated collection of sixteen delightfully diverse tracks. Each is a testament to the artist’s nostalgic journey back to her teenage years, drawing inspiration from acts such as DNTEL and Telefon Tel Aviv. Highly recommended


Tirzah – triplove…???

Tirzah’s newest work, ‘trip9love…???‘, is a breathtaking and innovative exploration of the electronic music genre. Comprised of eleven tracks, created in tandem with long-time musical collaborator Mica Levi, this record takes listeners on a cosmic journey through a blend of genres, including pop, soul, downtempo, and alternative R&B. trip9love…??? features enchanting love songs that use primarily piano and a single drum beat. The songs feel both monumentally special and intimately personal. With their distinctive styles and unique approach to music, Tirzah and Levi present an album that defies conventions and delivers an immersive and captivating sonic experience.


Malik Diao X Fred Red – Monologue

From the first few percussive hits, we were hooked on ‘Monologue’, the collaborative album between the Berlin-based producer Fred Red and the composer and multi-instrumentalist Malik Diao. With cinematic jazz, instrumental hip hop, indietronica, and world music, the album offers a very distinct experience. Well worth a listen.


Abderraouf B Grissa and Dan Drohan – RBGxDD

A debut of high quality by Abderraouf B Grissa and Dan Drohan that, inexplicably, had just caught my attention. RBGxDD seamlessly blends diverse musical genres, including jazz, dub, electronic, funk, and hip-hop, with polish and finesse. Think of artists like CAN, Makaya McCraven, Sun Ra, or Madlib, and you’ll only begin to scratch the surface of what this LP offers. I will use a few words for this. Click, listen, and relish!


Maya Dunietz – Thank You Tree

Maya Dunietz, Barak Mori, and Amir Bresler continue their enchanting musical journey in their latest album, Thank You Tree. Building upon the artistry and exploration of their previous release, this trio delves even further into captivating musical realms, delivering a truly immersive experience for listeners. Beautiful improv music that pushes the boundaries of creativity and showcases their incredible synergy once again.


Blue Lake – Sun Arcs

Picture this: a mix of self-built zithers, drones, clarinets, slide guitars, and drum machines, all dancing together in perfect harmony. It’s like a musical circus where acoustic folk, ambient and jazz come together for a relaxed jam session. ‘Sun Arcs’ takes you on an adventurous ride through this thoroughly chilled, one-of-a-kind sound space that will make your ears perk up and your feet tap along.



Mad Professor – Ariwa Sounds: The Early Sessions

Such a wonderful surprise from the always-on-point Melodies International. Press play and immerse yourself in the timeless sounds of the legendary Mad Professor with a reissue of his early collection album from 1984. Ariwa Sounds (The Early Sessions) should be high on every dub and lovers rock fan’s wish list. A MUST listen!



Dora Morelenbaum – Vento De Beirada

Dreamlike, in a Gal Costa hauntingly beautiful sort of way, ‘Vento De Beirada’ is the serene 4-track from singer-songwriter Dora Morelenbaum. The new wave Brazilian artist’s music floats between soft MPB, dreamy pop and mellow folk, awash in melancholy. I could listen to this EP all day.


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