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There is so much music around us but so little time to listen to it. As we do each Friday, we explore new music releases that you might have yet to hear. Hopefully, you’ll find new releases that you love and add them to your collection. We’ll dive right into this week’s roundup without further ado!


Siema Ziemia – Second

The second album by the Polish ensemble perfectly captures their unique blend of avant-garde jazz, breakbeats, and electronic music. It’s a lively and energetic mix that also offers moments of soothing vibes. If you’re into experimental jazz music, Second is worth your ears. This one stands out as truly adventurous among all the jazz coming out of Poland lately.


Shackleton & Wacław Zimpel – In The Cell Of Dreams

It is a rarity to find musicians in today’s world who possess the incredible ability to create art with such freedom and authenticity as these two exceptional individuals do. Sam Shackleton and Wacław Zimpel continue their remarkable journey in bringing about transcendent trance experiences with their latest record. This hypnotic release showcases the mesmerising vocals of Indian Carnatic artist Siddhartha Belmannu, singing in the enchanting language of Kannada. Through this unique collaboration, they infuse a delectable Eastern psychedelic essence that adds an extra layer of intrigue and fascination to their music. 


GEORGE – Letters To George

John Hollenbeck reappeared at the start of the year with Letters To George, an album that ties together the complexities of jazz with pop sensibilities. Hollenbeck’s new quartet GEORGE features multi-instrumentalists Anna Webber (saxophone/flute), Aurora Nealand (saxophone/voice), and Chiquitamagic (keyboards/voice). Letters To George is an impressive first effort that deserves to be heard. 


Karen y Los Remedios – Silencio

Imagine a magical union of talent from Mexico as three souls join forces to create the musical sensation known as Karen y Los Remedios. It’s like a delicious recipe, with a pinch of this and a dash of that, resulting in an extraordinary blend of styles that will make your ears dance with joy. And let’s not forget about the captivating voice of their bandleader, Ana Karen G Barajas – it’s like honey for your auditory senses! Ballads, some reggaeton, a touch of dream-pop, a bit of trip-hop, you will find traces of all that and more. The result is a cool and musically exciting mix of styles and surprises. Please do yourself a favour and check it out now!


Plume Girl – In the End We Begin

Plume Girl, masterminded by the talented artist Sowmya Somanath, is a captivating project that showcases her prowess as a Hindustani classical singer and composer. She seamlessly blends various musical styles through this record, creating a mesmerising, enchanting synthesis. Immerse yourself in the gorgeous melodies of ambient Hindustani moments, sweet pop, and classic folk. This album is a heavenly experience filled with captivating musical ideas and beautiful tunes that will transport you to another realm. It’s a remarkable solo debut that deserves your undivided attention.


Hu Vibrational – Timeless

Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable talent and boundless creativity of Adam Rudolph under his Hu Vibrational guise. As a musical polymath, Rudolph has traversed genres and cultures, defying the boundaries of traditional music to create a mesmerising fusion of sounds that transcends time and space. With the invaluable contributions of New York’s finest underground instrument players, this captivating musical journey takes on an even more culturally diverse essence. Fusing Fourth World, kosmische, tribal ambient and touches of spiritual jazz, immerse yourself in the spellbinding abstract rhythms and enchanting melodies crafted by Hu Vibrational, aka Adam Rudolph – a visionary artist who continues to redefine what is possible in the realm of music.



muva of Earth – align with Nature’s Intelligence

Prepare to be transported into a mesmerising world of musical bliss with muva of Earth’s debut EP, ‘align with Nature’s Intelligence’. This enchanting project effortlessly blends the rich flavours of afro-futurism, jazz, neo-soul and classical music. Across its eight tracks, you’ll find a tapestry of spirituality, vulnerability, eclecticism, relaxation, and love. This talented artist allows her compositions to breathe freely, allowing her enchanting vocals and serene harp playing to speak for themselves effortlessly. 


Cato – The Wind That Was Blown

The Wind That Was Blown is where soulful vocals and experimental hip-hop hitch a ride with downtempo beats and dreamy raps. Calm and concise, this debut offering from Toby Cato is of a high order. Make sure you give it a spin because it’s another essential release from Rhythm Section International.


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