Guest Playlist: SHOLTO

Today, drummer, producer and cinematic soul extraordinaire SHOLTO unveils ‘The Pearl That Glitters’. The track is the second reveal from his upcoming debut EP’ The Changing Tide of Dreams’, and to celebrate the release of the single, he’s curated a guest playlist for Twistesoul featuring songs from Francois De Robaeux, Piero Piccocini, Don Cherry, Dorothy Ashby, Suprise Chef and more. SHOLTO says that these songs inspired the creation of his forthcoming EP. These are his thoughts on the playlist:

A collection of carefully dug and curated songs, combining lush and swooning orchestral and choral arrangements, dusty drum breaks, glistening harp and sporadic flutes.

These are the sounds that inspired me to create ‘A Changing Tide Of Dreams’, helping me realise my love for combining orchestral, jazz, library/soundtrack, exotica and groove music.

I take inspiration from a lot of 60/70s European composers such as Francois De Robaeux, Piero Piccocini, Les Baxter as well as some contemporaries such as Melodiesinfonie, The Sweet Enoughs & Surprise Chef, all of which appear here!

So firstly, give his new track a listen above, then tuck into the playlist below.

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