Introducing Pidgins’ percussive language experiments

Pidgins is the project of Aaron With and Milo Tamez, and ‘Data Driven’ is their debut track. The Mexico City duo not only excited us with a fantastic track but also with news of their first album, Refrains of the Day, Volume 1.

Vocalist and electroacoustician Aaron With uses a massive sound vocabulary of sampled rare and historical instruments, richly tuned in just and microtonal intonations. He pairs these with nature sounds from foley and field recordings. Meanwhile, percussionist Milo Tamez impressively commands an array of traditional hand and talking drums but also integrates gongs and various small percussion — wood slit drums, guiro, flexatone, rattles, and chimes. The result is a hypnotic and surreal experience of fourth world art rock that fans of Jon Hassell, Laurie Anderson, Horse Lords, and Valentina Magaletti will love.

The “Refrains of the Day” are oft repeated but perhaps poorly understood phrases. By repeating, shifting, and inverting these expressions, we may come to understand them better.

There will be three singles leading up to release, each accompanied by With’s videos, which run parallel to the syntax of the songs, using found / stock footage of self-help managerial training videos to mind-bending effect. Check out their fantastical music video for ‘Data Driven’ below.

With the full-length debut album dropping on 27th October, we can get familiar with the intriguing lead track and get a peek at what’s to come.

Benny Toms

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