Twistedsoul Monday Mix #430

Photo by Pixabay.

We have a new mix for you, and R&B, soul, jazz, electronica, and hip-hop are all involved. Tune in every Monday and immerse yourself in our musical universe. As always, we take you on an auditory journey with our eclectic soundscapes. Enjoy the ride!

1. Shafiq Husayn – All Night ft. Colin Devane, Deva. & KarenB
2. GODTET – Hi
3. Kassa Overall – The Lava Is Calm
4. Clever Austin – A8
5. Ash Walker – Jupiter ft. Kennebec
6. YUNGMORPHEUS – Distant Place
7. Lex Amor – MOOD
8. Secret Night Gang – Out of My Head
9. MMYYKK – U Got Me
10. Jesse Hackett – I Don’t Wanna Get Old
11. Leron Thomas – Blind
12. Rotary Connection – Respect

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