Sven Wunder set to release eagerly awaited fourth album, Late Again

Renowned composer and artist Joel Nils Danell, aka Sven Wunder, is making an eagerly awaited return with his latest album after a short two-year gap. This remarkable release titled ‘Late Again’ showcases Sven’s growth as a musician and his ability to push boundaries. As the head of the Piano Piano label, he continues to elevate his craft while staying true to the signature style that captivated our ears and many others in his previous album, ‘Natura Morta’. This musical evolution is evident in each track, gorgeously crafted by the Swedish maestro.

We’ve had some time to sit with the album now, and we can’t wait for you to experience the enchanting allure of the crepuscular Wunder as he comes to life under the cover of the night.

Over the course of ten mesmerising tracks, indulge yourself in the intimate allure of Wunder’s enchanting collection of late-night jazz compositions. From ethereal shooting stars to delicate beams of the setting sun, ‘Late Again’ is an exceptionally fitting album title and the ideal nocturnal soundtrack for when it’s time to lower the lights.

Just after the album’s midway point are the jewels of the LP, the unmissable ‘Jazz At Night’, ‘Snowdrops’ and ‘Stellar Plates’, which perfectly encompasses everything we love about this album. The instrumentation gracefully ebbs and flows, creating an atmosphere of suspenseful tranquillity. With skilful precision, it alternates between delicate moments of calm and powerful crescendos, adding depth and intensity to the compositions.

Immerse yourself in ‘Late Again’ and its gentle piano compositions and be swept away by orchestral pop-jazz arrangements that feature mesmerising interplay between flute, brass, and strings.

Once again, Wunder has created an absolutely amazing album that will leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to listen to it.

Twistedsoul Team

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