South-Asian vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ganavya releases meditative new track on Shabaka Hutching’s Native Rebel Recordings

We are excited to share with you a fantastic release from the Native Rebel Recordings label, headed by the talented Shabaka Hutchings.

It might be a little late for us to join the Ganavya party, considering her debut album, Aikyam: Onnu, was released in 2018, but we are excited to finally catch up and hear her meditative new single, ‘Forgive Me My’. Our first encounter with the visionary multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocalist is very unlikely to be our last, as we were immediately captivated by the alluring mystique of the otherworldly sound she creates. ‘Forgive Me My’ will no doubt appeal to spiritual jazz fans, but it goes far beyond narrow genre restrictions. Her unique genre fluid blend is a treat for the ears and soul.

During the pandemic, Ganavya recorded the song, which is composed from the words of Nigerian writer Teju Cole: “forgive me my forgetfulness, no one can forget gentleness.” The track was recorded in London this year with Alina Bzhezhinska playing the gentle and dainty harp strings.

There is also a charming video accompanying the track in which friends and family of Ganavya dance together, pray together, braid each other’s hair, and massage each other’s feet.

This wonderful release will be followed up by an album later this year, and we’re expecting something special. Keep an eye out!

Benny Toms

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