Track By Track Guide: Melodiesinfonie – Softboi

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Kevin Wettstein, aka Melodiesinfonie, a Swiss multi-instrumentalist and singer/composer, has released his new album, ‘Softboi’, which features English, German and Portuguese vocals.

The soft, mellow vibe of ‘Softboi’ is reminiscent of Khruangbin’s worldly funk, Mac Demarco, and Alice Phoebe Lou, and perfectly suits the summer mood. This album showcases an international approach with contributions from Parisian singer-songwriter Claudi Isaki, Swiss-German singer OG Florin and Brazilian Pedro Mizutani on three tracks. The result is an eclectic blend of dreamy lo-fi-pop, nu-jazz and indie soul with rich production that will take you on a lovely sonic journey. Escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world by pressing play. ‘Softboi’ is a perfect album for lazy, hazy summer days.

About the album, Wettstein explains, “To be soft is to be open to vulnerability. It takes courage to peel back the layers we often hide behind and reveal our true selves to others.

Listen to ‘Softboi’’ below, followed by Melodiesinfonie’s Track by Track guide to the album. Along with the album release, Melodiesinfonie will hit the road. Tickets for his upcoming shows can be purchased here.

Life Is Easy feat. Claudia Isaki
Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of a melody that invites you in as soon as the needle touches the record. Could there be a more captivating introduction than this tune? Claudia’s presence elevates this song to perfection, a collaboration that fills me with uncontainable joy. What more could one desire beyond the allure of jazzy chords, a grooving bassline, and the rhythmic dance of drums, all intertwined with the soothing embrace of a warm voice?

Stay Soft
Putting together this track turned out to be quite a tough nut to crack. With its diverse elements, my aim was to make it seriously groovy and tight. I found myself recording certain parts around 30 times to really nail it. While I was knee-deep in crafting this piece, I had this realization that I needed to cut myself some slack and not get too hung up on nailing the “perfect takes.” In the end, the tune came together beautifully, taking you on a journey through a range of different emotions. Be soft with yourself :-).

Seaside feat. OG Florin
“Seaside” comes alive with a vibrant hippie vibe, its core enriched by the warm embrace of Swiss-German verses. Florin’s voice brings forth a message of togetherness, a gentle reminder that amidst life’s twists and turns, connections endure. It’s like appreciating the
good moments that stretch into hours, a subtle escape from the daily grind. Since I first came across Florin’s solo work back in 2019, a longing grew to blend our creative sparks. His poetic lyrics, matched with the velvety tone of his voice, fulfilled that dream, resulting in a soothing harmony that deeply resonates.

It’s Ok To Cry
“In the midst of a sad moment, the melody of ‘It’s Ok To Cry’ came into being. It held an indescribable sadness, not tied to any one thing, but rather to the heaviness of a world losing its way. A message sprouted, offering comfort to all those wrestling with the idea of shedding tears—a gentle reminder that it’s perfectly fine to let your feelings run their course. My singing voice had changed, and I wasn’t quite content with it, but within this song, it discovered its own special sound, weaving smoothly into the emotional fabric.”

Àgua Salgada feat. Pedro Mizutani
I had this tune, just music without words, sitting with me for a while. Then, kind of unexpectedly, Pedro Mizutani’s musical style came into the picture, filling in the missing parts. The internet played its part, messages going back and forth, and suddenly we had this really cool modern anthem with laid-back vibes. “Salty Water” — even though the sea remained distant for me this year, this song somehow caught its feeling. Every note feels like a sunny beach, every beat like we’re getting a bit closer to that far-off horizon.

Alp Dream
The word “Alptraum,” translated to “nightmare,” stands in contrast to this track’s essence —an “Alp Dream.” Imagine verdant Swiss alps, the distant jingle of cowbells, a tranquil reverie amidst the chaos. It’s a pause within the album, a moment to close your eyes and drift through this dreamy meditation.

Imagine waking up from a comfy night’s sleep with a smile, and as you open your windows, the sun warmly greets you. Can anything beat the beauty of a sunset? It’s like the sun’s gentle hug to your soul, wrapping you in warmth and brightness. That’s the feeling “Sunset”captures. It’s short but sweet, destined to be your forever go-to, playing on repeat.

I Give You Flowers
When was the last time you had flowers around? Society can be a bit weird about guys liking them. But honestly, I’m a fan of their nice smells, bright colors, and just how good they look. And the fact that they don’t stick around forever makes them even more interesting, kind of like life’s ups and downs. “I Give You Flowers” wraps things up nicely, showing what I’m into – crispy drum beats, dreamy guitar vibes, relaxed chords from a hollow-body, and a sprinkle of fun surprises.


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